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Back in 1977 I was a teenage electronics geek. I had my ham radio license, a bedroom filled with electronics gear, an after school job at a two way radio company. I was on my way to becoming a radio engineer. Then a friend said, “hey, you know over at Bob’s Comics they play this game called dragons or something. You’d like it.” I went on a Saturday morning to have a look at a Dungeons and Dragons game, and my world was never the same again. Now, 40 years later, I work in entertainment. I make movies, television shows, web series, and I take photos at events, where there are people who make movies, television shows and web series. And I still play Dungeons and Dragons and all the – well, most of the – fantastic variants that have sprung from it.

There have been elements from other games and systems that I have really liked, and taken for my own. This has created a mish mosh of rules, but in the table top gaming world that I came from, it was perfectly normal to take rules from other games, or just make up new ones to throw in. One look at the original D&D rules and the reason for this becomes obvious. The original game was playable, but very bare bones. And in places, there were only hints of what Gary Gygax and his crew had in mind. As an example, there are monster encounter charts including tharks and other creatures from the John Carter of Mars books. So players fleshed out their own campaigns with creatures and rules that their players wanted. By the time I started playing, TSR had come out with a few additional rule books, but that just emboldened players to add in their own rules.

The campaign that I’m detailing in these posts is the campaign that I’m currently running. The bare outline of the rules can be found elsewhere on the internet, but I’m creating this for new players and to explain my thinking behind the rules choices I’ve made. Throughout, I’m giving credit to the games whose rules I’ve borrowed from. These games are all worth checking out, and I’ll make sure to include links.

So, let’s get  started, the next post outlines the game world and genre.elf-01

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